Tanzanian Singer, Diamond Platnumz’s 30,000 Comments Plea To Drop A New Hit Has Got People Talking

Bongo flava kingpin, Diamond Platnumz has asked fans to drop at least 30,000 comments on his Instagram, for him to release a new hit.

Sharing a short clip on his Instagram, Naseeb seems to be prepping for a year unlike any other, captioning:

30,000 Comments if you are ready for 2020 SIMBA!….⛽💣

Chibu’s short but cryptic message seems to be asking fans across the world to just flock the comment section – probably it could do magic.


Well, it looks like fans decoded the message, quickly responding:

@queendarleen_ mwambie kaka akoo achie nyimbo yetuu comment zimeehafika shenziiiiiii tunakuja makao makuuu ya WCB

Mama Dangote went ahead to seemingly incite his son to drop the ´new hit´ commenting:


Her comment set the internet ablaze as fans came out loud:

@mama_dangote mama kashasema, sasa wewe @diamondplatnumz unasubiria nini blood. Toa dude hiloo😂😂🔥🔥


😂😂😂😂aah tunasubir ad tunachoka afumue jiwe


@mama_dangote simba mama Anasema fumua tuchatue mitandao 🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥


oya dogo mama kashasema ufumue unasubiri nn


@mama_dangote king of the Africa 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁wanyooshe wate🌎🌏🌏📢📢📢📢💪💪


km umesema wew mama asipofumua atakuw na kibur san



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