Tanzanian Singer, Aslay Picks Huddah Monroe Over Vera Sidika As His Preferred Date

Tanzanian bongo artist, Aslay picked Kenya’s Huddah Monroe over Vera Sidika when asked to choose his most preferred date.

Kenyan socialites, Huddah Monroe (left) and Vera Sidika (right)

During an interview with Milele FM, the singer chose his pick in Kenya and Tanzania, without giving reasons why.

In the case of Tanzania, Aslay chose songbird, Maua Sama, over the African Princess, Nandy.
Dogo Aslay picks Maua Sama (left) over Nandy (right) as his most preferred date

Away from that, the former Yamoto band member shed light on the split, not only in music but in their personal lives as well.

Dogo Aslay revealed it would be an uphill task trying to bring the band back, since first, every artiste now has their own management.

The former Yamoto band

Secondly, each artiste has built and grown their own brand over time. Therefore, trying to pair them back together might be close to impossible.

Further insisting that it is time the world moved on and let the former Yamoto band queries, rest.

Kila mtu ashatengeneza brand yake, ndio maana kila mtu ambaye anataka kukutanisha Yamoto basi aeke mzigo tu hapo. Kwa maana mwisho wa siku, kila mtu ana management yake na ikona ukali wake na uzuri wake. Mi naeza kasema sawa nitafanya. Akaja Beka na management yake kasema kitu fulani. Akaja Mbosso akasema hivi. Mi nafikiria tuangalie ya mbele.

[Every artist has created their own brand and that is why anyone who tries to bring the Yamoto band back together, might have to wait. At the end of the day, every one has their own management, with its bitter and sweet sides. I can agree to come together, but then Beka and his management can come and say something different and so can Mbosso. I think, we should just move forward.]

A group disbanded in 2015 over financial issues.

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