Tanzanian Opposition Leader, Tundu Lissu Speaks On Why He Fled Tanzania

Tanzanian opposition leader, Tundu Lissu, has told the BBC that he received deaths threats that prompted his departure to Belgium.

Mr Lissu said the security given to him when he was a presidential candidate was withdrawn after election results were announced and he started receiving death threats.

“I was called by people who said that an order for them to deal with me once and for all – as they put it – was out and therefore they advised me to run for my dear life, and that’s what I did,” he said.

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He said he took the threats seriously after he survived an assassination attempt in 2017.

“They did not identify themselves but clearly they made me understand that they were from the intelligence and security apparatus,” he said.

Mr Lissu said he was a legal resident of Belgium and wanted to continue with the fight internationally.


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