Tanzanian Model, Hamisa Mobetto’s Speaks After Reports that Diamond no Longer Provides Child Support Surface

The popular Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has responded to claims that her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz no longer provides child support following their public fall out, witnessed in August Last year.

Gossip sites in Tanzania shared widely allegations that the Wasafi CEO, had stopped paying child support for their son Dylan.

A local publication reached out to the mother of two for a comment, but she ended up blasting the publication stating that it is none of their business to know if Diamond has stopped supporting his child or not.

“Nyie nanyi mnachosha, sasa kama ameacha kutoa huduma kwa Dylan inawahusu nini? Niacheni bwana, maisha yangu na familia haiwahusu. Mnauliza ili iweje” said Hamisa Mobetto.

The rift between Diamond and Hamisa widened after the Sikomi hit-maker accused Ms Mobetto of using witchcraft to lure him into marriage.

However, Ms Mobetto denied the allegations saying she was talking to a Sheikh and not a witch doctor as many people were made to believe.

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She added that she only asked the Sheikh to pray for her to have peace with her baby daddy’s family for the sake of her son Dylan.

“Alafu hakuwa mganga alikuwa Ustadh unajua sisi Waislamu unaweza kuwa unafanya dua muda wowote it doesn’t mean you are bewitching anybody, so then unakuja kuangalia kwamba mtu anaomba Amani anaongea na Ustadh anasema kwamba naomba unifanyie dua kwamba kama kuna uzito wowote, ama kuna maneno watu walipeleka ama kwamba moyo basi ufunguke watu waelewane kwa sababu mwisho wa siku kuna mtoto na lazima aende kwa bibi yake, lazima aende kwa babake, lazima awe kwangu. So there needs to be peace kwa hivyo ni vitu vya kawaida. Mimi naamini watanzania wengi sana wanaroga. Huyo mtu akawa anamwambia yaani wewe tumekupa kazi kwa nini Hamisa bado yupo na Diamond na mimi sikuwa kule hata huyo Sheikh ukiniuliza ana rangi gani simjui sijawahi kumuona na wala sijawahi kwenda huko,” said Hamisa Mobetto.


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