Tanzanian Artists, Harmonize And Diamond’s Hit Song ‘Kwangwaru’ Banned in Kenya

Ezekiel Mutua, The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss has banned Harmonize and Diamond’s hit song Kwangwaru.

Speaking in Mombasa, Mutua made it clear that he will not allow Diamond and other foreigners whose music have been banned in their countries to perform in Kenya.

Mutua said that the content of the song Kwangwaru undermines the country’s culture and values. “There will be no singing or performing of coded music by young children that they cannot understand,” he explained. According to Mutua, anyone found playing this type of songs for our children will be dealt with.

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The KFCB also explained that the Kenya Revenue Authority incurs loses in revenue whenever the artists perform in Kenya because they lias with the club managers to perform and send the revenue directly to their countries while Kenya gets nothing.

“This is the start of the national campaign to restore our moral values, ensure regulation and compliance with the film and stage plays act,” Mutua stated.


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