Tanzanian Artists, Alikiba’s New Song Hits 1 Million Views In 38 Hours

Alikiba is among the popular Tanzanian artists who started off their careers even before the likes of Diamond Platnumz started singing. He might however seem like he takes too long before dropping a new song – but this has seen him achieve more than what many could ever think.

Alikiba’s new song

Seduce me which was released on Friday has been receiving positive reviews from fans not because of the lyrics used in the video but also the captivating high quality video which brought life in the song.

This is his first project to hit 1 million views in just a few hours after uploading it on YouTube. Though he has not been hyping it very much on his Instagram his friends and fellow artists have been supporting this particular project that has seen Alikiba hold the title of the most creative artist in East Africa.

Simplicity and keeping a low profile could have contributed to his success even after Diamond Platnumz and his his team chose to release a new song ‘Zilizopendwa’ to counterpart Kiba’s song just a few hours after it was uploaded.

Check out Kiba’s new song below;


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