Tanzanian Artist, Baba Levo Fires Back At Kenya’s Akothee With Savage Response

Akothee is the queen of clap back or rather is a drama queen and the fans love it. However with the economy draining almost everyone; not many can handle her noise – especially since most prefer peace of mind and real entertainment.


However, earlier this morning – Ma Akothee caught most of her fans attention with a post dedicated to singer Baba Levo. As seen in the post, Akothee tells off the Tanzanian singer for hating on her after being named among the richest artists in Africa by Forbes.

Akothee who is not for both her drama and money wrote;

Eeee hii kitu ya Forbes imekuwa Kesi Bongo 🤔🤔🤔. Kisa Akothee , kwani Mimi tu ndio msanii alikuwa Kwenye hiyo list 🤣🤣🤣, Kwani mumesikia niko na shares Forbes 🙈 hata hamnaa Aibu jamani. Si watu wajiheshimu kidogo.Akothee mwanamke anawatishia hivi, haya basi Mimi sina kitu sina hata matako tuu.

The drama: Akothee vs Baba Levo

According to Akothee, it’s time these artists stopped using her name for publicity reasons. On the same post, the president of single mums went on to add;

Yaishe Yaishe ,Yaishe .wacheni kutembea Kwenye vyombo vya jabari na jina la LE PREZIDA  THE PRESIDENT OF SINGLE MOTHERS. Wakenya wamenichoka , hivi bongo nikija itakuwaje 🤔🤔🤔🤔 All TANZANIA ARTISTS AND THE NATION IS RICH. NAMBARI MTAJIPATIA HUKO.MIMI SIJUI MIFUKO ZENYU MNIACHE.

Of course Baba Levo being a drama king could not let this go without a clap back. Those who know him will tell you that the guy knows no shame; and while other men would prefer not to argue with women online – Baba Levo actually lives for such moments.

Just to show how petty this fight can get, the Tz artist responded in the comment section saying;



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