Tanzanian Actress, Wema Sepetu Unveils Her Future Husband and Jealous Diamond Can’t Keep Calm

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has unveiled a man she termed as her future husband on Instagram.

The unveiling comes just days after she was accused of sleeping with a colleague’s husband.

Wema’s photo in bed with her “future husband” provoked a subtle reaction from her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz, who shared a photo of himself asking if he is fit to be a future husband.

The actress went to share a video of her and her man kissing in public, saying that love is blind and that those with an opinion should keep it to themselves.

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She also went rogue on blogger Mange Kimambi who had posted screenshots of her conversation with Wema’s alleged lover begging for forgiveness.

Wema has since been trying to clean up her reputation with photos of her “future husband” that got Diamond itching.

Diamond taunted Wema’s post by sharing a photo of himself with the caption, “your future husband.”


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