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Tanzanian Actress, Wema Sepetu Reveals Unknown Details of Her Nasty Breakup With Diamond

Tanzanian actress and former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has for the first time spoken on her nasty breakup with ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with Lil Ommy, Wema disclosed that when she broke up with the Iyena singer, it was such a big fight that they never used to talk or see eye to eye.

The Bongo actress went on say that they also never talked for three years, after breaking up.

The Tanzanian Sweetheart however mention that they both grew up and accepted that life had moved on and many other things had happened in their lives.

Wema Sepetu said that she respects Diamond so much and he now treats him as a normal friend.

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“Watu walikuwa wamezoe ile hali kwamba mimi na Naseeb hatuko okay. Kwa sababu mimi na Naseeb tulivyoachana ikawa ni vita hatukusemeshana kabisa yaani tulikuwa maadui for three years. Kwahiyo tukawa hatuongei hatusemeshani na watu wakawa wamezoea hio hali kwamba hawa wawili hawawezi kusemeshana. So kitendo cha kutuona kwamba tunaongea ah hawa wamerudiana. No, we just grew up and tumeaccept life kwamba imeshaenda mimi namheshimu yeye ana familia ana watoto. I look at him now like a normal friend,” said Wema.

In the interview Madam Wema also clarified that she did not kiss Chibu as most people claimed when she attended the official launch of WCB’s last signing Mbosso.


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