Tanzania: The Whole Truth About Artist, Diamond And Tanasha

The Agitated Tanzanian artist Diamond, who was restricted by his government from going for shows this Christmas season, has gotten one more stunner after his Kenyan ‘fling’ radio young lady Tanasha erased their photographs from her Instagram page.

“Just to make things clear… Diamond and I came to a mutual understanding that it may be too soon to be public with our relationship on social media right now.

“So, we decided to keep our relationship private for the moment until we feel like going public again. May God bless you all,” Tanasha wrote before deleting the photos that are widely available in media outlets.

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So just what is the truth about this one-month affair that sprung into public limelight after she traveled for a concert in Mwanza?

Well, it is a fling. It is simply a friendship that has been hyped to look like a marriage. It is actually largely made for diversion and hype. That is the truth.

For now, this break means many things. We shall hear from you again! Happy private romantic season peeps!


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