Tanzania: See Diamond Platnumz’s Babymama, Tanasha Donna´s Long Cryptic Post That Got Fans Thinking

Tanasha Donna is like a lioness that lays low and watches her cubs play but when it is hunting time, she pounces right.

Yesterday, the mother of one had some wisdom to pen to those who try a bit too much to impress exes, but end up wasting their energy.

She started off:

Never force what´s not meant for you. PERIODT! If he/she ain´t interested, they just AIN´T honey.


Mnh, nice start to tell that the next line is not going to be a good one for the folks she is targeting.

True to it, here it comes:

Posting new pics, making ¨moves¨to impress them, throwing shade at their significant other or trying to make them jealous with other men/women will not make he/she notice you.

Instead, go for this:

Do what´s best for YOU. Focus on YOU and YOUR progress. If he/she really wanted to be with you, they would. You wouldn´t have to do all these things to make them notice you or fall for you, cause FACT is they just DONT. LOVE YOURSELF. MAKE MOVES FOR YOUR OWN SELF PROGRESS. DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

Words that have never sank deeper for anyone who cared to read and listen and think.

Speculations are rife that the target is Diamond´s baby mamas: Hamisa and Zari who have seemingly been trying too hard to probably impress Diamond with property and King Bae.

Tanasha (center) seemingly counters Diamond´s exes, Zari (left) and Hamisa (right)

Whoever are recipients are anyway, only she knows but for all we know, it is for you and me.


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