Tanzania: Rally Jones Rubbishes Claims That He Is Dependent On Mama Dangote

Diamond’s step-dad has been questioned about his source of income with many of the opinion that he channels a good part of his daily spending from Mama Dangote´s pockets.

The couple were in the inner circle of Naseeb Junior’s at 40 event, savoring the time of their life together.

However, anywhere the Dangote family is, the paparazzi are always on set. Tanzanian media, Bongo 5 sought to have Rally Jones clarify on his relationship with Sandra.

He dismissed the claims, which then begged the question, what does he do for a living?

Mimi ni mfanyibiashara. Nina gereji Dar es Salaam. [I am a businessman. I have a garage in Dar es Salaam.]

Interestingly, the reports claiming that he is dependent on Diamond’s mother, never seem to bother him. Explaining:

Kwa jinsi unavyomwona huyu bibiye, ushawai kumsikia kahonga mtu? Kwa hiyo hakuna mtu anaweza kupata hela kwake yeye. Mtu akitaka kuzungumza ndugu yangu, anaweza akazungumza lolote.

According to him, he and Sandra met in Paris, France. They first became friends which then grew into affection and here they are, as hubby and wifey.


Watch the interview:



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