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Tanzania: “Prince Nillan Is Nasibu Abdul The First” – Zari’s Message To Her Co-wives, Tanasha And Hamisa

Since the world got to know of Tanasha’s pregnancy with Diamond, Naseeb Junior has been the talk of the day and months now.

However, we need not forget that Diamond still has a couple of other kids – some yet to even be identified.

In the line of heirs in Diamond’s dynasty, Zari’s son, Prince Nillan takes the lead. Followed closely by Hamisa Mobetto’s 2-year-old son, Dylan then Tanasha’s Baby Naseeb comes in third.

Diamond Platnumz (right) with his baby mamas, Tanasha (left), Hamisa Mobetto (top center) and Zari Hassan (bottom center)

That is based on the known records so far.

However, Zari has come out to remind her co-wives, that her 3-year old leads the pack and no one can change that.

Despite the praises heaped on Naseeb Junior, Zari reminds us that Nillan is the first Naseeb of the three. Calling him out with his three names.

In a cryptic post seen by Mpasho, as Nillan turned 3, Zari expressed:

Ooopsy Daisy, your lil man Riaz Nasibu Abdul the First aka Prince Nillan just turned 3💙.

Seems we now have to start calling Diamond´s kids based on who came first and who followed – Something like Naseeb the First, the Second and the Third…

This ´junior´ and ´senior´ stuff does not seem to be working after all. If you know you know.


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