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Tanzania: Juma Jux Reveals Why He Broke Up With His Girlfriend, Vanessa Mdee

Juma Jux is one fine man but after breaking up with Vanessa Mdee; it appears that he still cant find the right woman to settle down with.

He was linked to one model from Thailand identified as Nayika. The two dated for a few months and of course being a celebrity in East Africa; the two made headlines for a few weeks before disappearing again.

However turns out that despite the good life, Jux and Nayika were also battling relationship issues behind closed doors. Speaking during a recent interview Jux opened up revealing unknown details about his past relationship with the caucasian lady.

Juma Juxx and new girlfriend

Break up

Juma Jux wen to confirm that they are no longer an item due to the long distance. He went on to reveal that he couldn’t move to Thailand nor could his ex move to Tz; and for this reason they decided to part ways. Jux went on to say;


It didn’t work out men, Long distance relationship is so difficult, I can’t. Now sitaki wanawake wa mbali, wanawake wa mbali siwawezi, I can’t take it anymore.

According to Jux he was ready to be serious with the fine young lady however circumstances could not allow this. The two however remain good friends since they have known each other for quite a long time. He went on to add saying;

Now I’m single. Her name was Nayika, she is from Thailand, nilikuwa namjua kwa muda , tukawa serious kidogo, the thing is the distance tu, she can’t move here and I can’t move there because I have things to do, kwa hiyo tulikuwa tunafika mahali inakuwa too much, so we parted ways.

Vanessa Mdee

His ex Vanessa Mdee is however enjoying her stay with her new man Rotimi in the united states.

Fans however feel that this relationship is slowing Vanessa’s career and if the lass is not careful; she might lose everything she has been working hard to achieve all these years! But hey, this is how love works!


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