Tanzania: Inappropriate Dressing? Songstress, Vanessa Mdee Prevented From Entering Offices

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee has raised concerns over the objectifying of women by society after being Prevented from entering an unnamed corporate’s offices over her dressing.

According to the singer, she was prohibited from entering the building for wearing a skirt reaching her knees, prompting her to vent her frustrations on social media.

“Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible,” she stated.

Following her revelation, some social media users accused her of dressing indecently.

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“Unavaaga uchi sana we dada! Ukome,” (You should stop dressing indecently) one follower opined.

This prompted the singer to respond stating that the problem lies not in the dressing but the objectifying of women.

“Sawa mimi mnasema navaa vibaya, poa. Lakini how do you explain all the other cases and women responding to this post. Kuna tatizo. Na halipo kwenye mavazi. Lipo kwenye treatment based on objectifying the woman,” she said.


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