Tanzania: I’m Not Used to This Body, Actress Wema Sepetu After Weight Loss

At the point when the popular Bongo actress Wema Sepetu posted pictures of her ‘new look’ a couple of months ago, a lot of her fans were stunned and worried. Whenever she posts an image on her social media page, the most widely recognized inquiry in her comment box was the reason she had to do it.

The once bootylicious Wema however assured her fans she was okay and had left the country for gastric bypass operation and went on to explain why she lost so much weight.

“Sijawahi kukataa utumbo wangu kama watu wanavyosema, kwenda kwangu India ilikuwa ni kwa ajili ya matibabu ya tumbo langu. Alafu coming back ma daktari walinimbia kuwa I neeed to lose some weight, coz sometime kizazi kinakuwa kinasaraundiwa na a lot fats, whivch makes it impposible kushika mimba,” Wema said.

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The talented actress has now admitted she is not used to her new body as she feels it’ s too light compared to her previous body.

During an interview, the Tanzanian socialite revealed she sometimes forgets she is light and stumbles when standing thinking she is still big

“Kiukweli kuna muda nakuwa bado sijauzoea huu mwili hata kidogo unaweza ukakaa lakini ukiinuka unapepesuka unajua bado una mwili uleule mkubwa,” she said.

When it comes to how she lost more than 25kgs in such a short time, Wema explained that she watches what she eats and takes medication to suppress her appetite.

“So it’s just eating right, na pia kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia, kusuppress appetite, some medicine hapa na pale. Kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia siwezi kukataa hilo, halafu na stress za hapa na pale.”


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