Tanzania: I Will Not Stop Posting Explicit Photos When I Get Married – Curvy Socialite Sanchoka Says

Tanzanian Instagram model, Sanchoka, has mastered the art of thirst-trapping. From taking the perfect lingerie pics to propping her butt into the perfect angle for a belfie (butt selfie) to even an ‘innocent’ picture taken on a hospital bed, she knows all the ways to keep her thousands of fans aggressively titillated.

Sanchoka recently secured a deal with Seductive Hit a lingerie line to the delight of her more than 790,000 followers as that means they will be treated to more lingerie pics.

After securing the deal, Sanchoka has disclosed that she will continue posting steamy photos as that is what brings food to her table.

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“Sidhani kama nikiolewa nitaacha kupiga picha za aina hiyo kwa sababu ni kwa ajili biashara hivyo kama ni mume, itabidi anivumilie na ajifanye kufumba macho,” she told Ijumaa newspaper (Translation: I don’t think I will stop posting steamy pictures once I get married as this is my job. My husband will have to bear with me or pretend to close his eyes.)


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