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Tanzania: Hamisa Mobetto’s Baby Daddies, Diamond Platnumz And Majizzo Openly Throw Shade At Each Other

There is nothing more attractive than seeing two men with good potential compete on social media.

Well, not the usual ‘I have more money… or who has the most expensive sneakers or kupiga look’ but the kind of competition that Majizzo and Diamond Platnumz have been having on social media.

Well turns out that these two have been ‘beefing’ on the low and I am guessing this is because of the lovely Hamisa Mobetto. I mean at some point she shared her life with both and I bet this irritates them knowing they both had the same woman; and whether they like or not, they both have to learn to accept each other for the sake of the kids.

Anyway, just the other day Majizzo went on to reveal that his radio station EFM is the most popular and loved radio station in Tanzania. He went on to share a post where he wrote;

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Majizzo’s post


Kwa mikoa ya Dar Es Salaam na pwani hakuna radio inayosikilizwa zaidi ya @efmtanzania

Diamond Platnumz hits back

Being the CEO of Wasafi Radio, of course he could not let this slide but use the opportunity to throw shade at the other baby daddy.

I mean, we all know Diamond Platnumz likes being on top; and for this reason he could not let Majizzo prosper with the simple post. Responding to this, Diamond Platnumz also went on to post;

Report kutoka GEOPOLL…..Asante kwa kuendelea kuifanya @WasafiFm kuwa Radio Nambari Moja Dar Es salaam na Pwani🙏🏼….. Alafu We @romyjons Embu Acha Kudanganya watu na Report za Kujitengenezea 👈🏼

Diamond Platnumz’s post

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