Suspect Threatens To Blow Up Hollywood Sign But Calls The Wrong Cops

A suspect has reportedly tried to play Doctor Evil by threatening to blow up the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.


Security officials told TMZ that the suspect called Hollywood PD on Sunday, February 19, threatening to blow the famous L.A. landmark to smithereens with pipe bombs unless he is paid $10,000.


However instead of calling Los Angeles authorities, he called police officers in Hollywood, Florida. Unclear if he realized he had the wrong number, the Florida police department called their L.A. counterparts to let them know what was going on.


LAPD checked it out and found no credible threat at all. There’ve been no arrests, but the case is under investigation.


The Hollywood sign is under 24/7 video surveillance, so it’s always watched closely and there are additional safety measures in place if anyone tries to tamper with it.

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