Sudan: Bakri Secure Work Of Homeland’s Remembrance Project

The First Vice-President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has gotten a work , set of photographs showing profound national memory and shows photograph legacy and its impact on national character, which was done as a major aspect of the Homeland’s Memory Project.

This came when the First Vice-President met qt the Council of Ministers , with Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Bedawi and in presence of artist, Salman Mohamed Hassan.

Minister of Culture said in press statements that the First Vice-President has praised the work being carried out by artist Salman Mohamed Hassan and affirmed state support to such projects.

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He added that he briefed the First Vice-President on “Palm Heritage Project” , a project that had drawn Arab countries to Khartoum in April of last year under aegis of the First Vice-President.

The Minister further added that the First Vice-President of the Republic has given directive for preserving the Sudanese cultural heritages at the national level and in coordination with international organizations.

He indicated that he informed the First Vice-President on ongoing arrangements for erecting the national library and that the First Vice-President underlined importance of national library in preserving heritages of the Sudanese nation


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