Shelton Masvii


‘I Am The Most Stylish Zimdancehall Artiste’- Shelton Masvii

Shelton Masvii aka Ninja Kid is one of the fastest rising young artistes in Zimbabwe. He recently released a massive smash hit song with Nox entitled “I’m Gonna Wait” as well as his own single called “Wakanaka Mwana”.

The two songs, both produced by Jusa Dementor, have videos getting airplay on various shows. At 23, Ninja Kid is already known as one of the most stylish artistes in the Zimdancehall genre and music in general. Ninja Kid is known for his style, a mix of fresh street wear with traditional Zimbabwean clothes and bold bright accessories which he rocks both on stage and on videos.

The Chitungiwza-based artiste who released his new clothing line and label called Black Vendetta recently told The Herald that he believes he is the most stylish and trend setting artiste in Zimdancehall.

With his recent success in the music circles, Ninja kid has started growing a steady fan base. When asked what style he uses, he said it is called an “up-dated” style because it is fresh and different.

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“My style is always changing and updating just like you would update your applications on your phone. I do not think style has to be defined by the amount of money you have but by your character, so I get very innovative with what I have,” he said.

Ninja recalls growing up in Chitungwiza, where he was not fortunate enough to buy new clothes. However, things changed when he got signed under “AbraTribe”, a production company based in the UK.

“There was this place that I used to go to get second hand clothes but after meeting Abra Simzz, he totally changed my way of thinking and I realised quickly that being your own person is a powerful tool to being happy,” he said.

Instead of just following one dream, the young dancehall artistes is pursuing both music and fashion.

“I was always passionate about clothing so I pursued it alongside music,” said Ninja Kid.


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