Strike threat, confusion as schools re-open in Kenya

There is high confusion after teachers were told to not report to duty by their unions whilst the government said they should, both claiming legitimacy over the matter.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT has already called on teachers not to report to their respective work stations bu the Teachers Service Commision TSC has said otherwise, stating that it has yet to receive any strike notice.

The TSC said Sunday that the move to go on strike would be illegal if effected as there is an ongoing case over the matter set for resolution on 22 September.

KNUT though, wants the 50-60% pay-rise effected immediately.

” No teachers should go to class until after we meet and give them direction on Monday,” Wilson Sossion the KNUT Secretary General told News24.

He said that the meeting would seek the way forward over the matter.

The TSC on its part spoke the opposite.

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” The Commission has not received any strike notice from either the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) or Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teaches (Kuppet),” read the statement.

” The school term dates are set by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Science and Technology and as such Third term will run from 31st August to 12th November 2015,” it added.

” In any case, the only dispute the commission is aware of is the economic dispute which is the subject matter of an appeal in the Court of Appeal,” TSC added.

A spot check at public schools Monday saw limited activity with many teachers not in class but huddled in a number of meetings, said to be opening week staff meets.

The government has said it needs Parliament to sort out a supplementary budget to help sort out the extra KES 150 billion needed to pay teachers the increased salaries.


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