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Story of FBI Female Dancer Who Single-Handedly Mentors Thousands of Young Girls, Shock Kenyans

Kenyans including TV siren Betty Kyallo and socialite Huddah Monroe were lessened to tears to the popular FBI dance group.

Moesha Kibibi, the founder of the Divas power initiative, has been a part of the FBI group for more than 10 years and she has been associated with a mentorship program for more than 2000 young ladies.

Having been raised in the slums of Majengo in Nairobi, Moesha narrated in Churchill show of her struggles while growing up including chased away from home because of her passion for dancing.

Eventually, her resilience paid off and now she is inspiring many young girls to pursue their dance passion as well.

Her key challenge has however been facilitating some of the girls who have special needs including medical and nursing expenses for teenage mothers. Moesha’s story was so heavy on the audience that the majority could not help but break down in tears

Majority of the audience and online users still had a hard time figuring how a such a young lass bore the task of mentoring thousands of other younger girls almost single-handedly. TV girl Betty Kyallo, who was part of the audience on the day, was so touched by Moesha’s story she promised to donate KSh 100,000 for her cause.


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