“Stop Saying I’m Dumb” – Kenyan Socialite Huddah To Haters

Huddah Njoroge might be a socialite but a smart one for that matter.

The lass is currently ranked among the top successful business women in East Africa thanks to her make up line that has not only been doing well in Kenya but also around the world.

Well, the socialite now says that she can’t wait to show off her degree in order for people to stop calling her dumb. On a post shared on her Instagram page Huddah wrote;

I can’t wait for my degree so y’all stop saying I’m dumb, I’m smarter than 99% of people who have that paper and a graduation photo

According to Huddah, she never allowed a piece of paper to define her. In another post Huddah went on narrate saying;

I decided that piece of paper won’t weigh me down. People like to point fingers she is not a graduate as smart as one can be lol So let’s goo bitches, I’ll beat you at your own game. They’ll be nothing to talk about


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