Stop Monitoring Your Husbands’ Phone Calls – Ghanaian Counselor Charlotte Oduro Advises Women

Controversial Marriage Counselor Dr Charlotte Oduro has cautioned women against the habit of monitoring the phone calls of their husbands and subjecting them to cross-examination thereafter.

She noted that such an unhealthy habit does not in any way augur well for the marriage warning women who have gained notoriety in doing that lest they push their husbands to side chicks.

“Let’s stop the fan from taking his phone and saying who did you call, who were you speaking to…please. We have gotten to a point where we are grown.Women grow up and stop being suspicious. Whoever is calling is not your business, do your part as a woman in the home”, she advised.

According to her, if the woman plays her role well, the bond between them will ensure that their love grows beyond bounds and help them live in harmony.

It would be recalled that the Head Pastor of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro who earlier concurred with the stance of Dr Charlotte Oduro stated that it is only village women who question their husband’s phone calls and text messages.

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“We should not do that. Allow people…give them a chance. Give them allowance”, he advised.

“Which girl were you standing with? How can you marry someone like me when, after every service I have numerous people who come to talk to me? I call everybody hello darling, hello sweetheart, hello dear and you are thinking he is referring to some of them as dear or sweetheart, then I am dead”.

“You are a villager. These accolades are used in the line of duty so don’t be a villager to the point that when someone use them it means that he has something to do with the person. Don’t be over possessive. The fact I am in a relationship with you does not mean you have bought me over”, he stated.


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