Steve Hofmeyr Raises Prize Money For Fans To Destroy DStv Decoders

Steve Hofmeyr has raised R56,000 to give to nine fans who destroy their DStv decoders in the most creative way.

Hofmeyr called on his fans to destroy their DStv dishes and decoders after MultiChoice announced last month that it was boycotting the star and would remove all content featuring him from their platforms.

Following the aftermath of the boycott, Steve told fans that he was arranging a “special funeral” for his own DStv dish and had urged fans to do the same.

The competition which has been going on for over a month now is set to end this week when Hofmeyr announces the winner of the competition.

The singer posted on Facebook this week, that he was upping the prize money from R10, 000 to R20, 000 after collecting R56, 000 in sponsorships for the competition. He also listed who had donated what prize money.

“Here is the confirmed cash for the top videos of the DStv competition: 1. R20,000 from Lucas at ziphi nkomo shova. 2. R10,000 from Steve Hofmeyr. 3. R8,000 from We Buy Wheels.co.za. 4. R5,000 from We Buy Wheels.co.za. 5. R4,000 from anonymous 6. R4,000 from anonymous. 7. R2,000 from anonymous. 8. R2,000 from The Bookkeepers JJ Kruger and partners. 9. R1,000 from Atlas7 Security.”

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MultiChoice issued a statement last month saying, “committed to the building of a non-racial society and strongly condemns any acts of discrimination”.

“MultiChoice is proud of its support for Afrikaans, not only our investment in content for our DStv platforms but also our sponsorship of festivals, events and the broader Afrikaans performing-arts sector. Our commitment to Afrikaans and all local languages will not change … We welcome a society where freedom of speech is celebrated, however, we take a stand against racism.”

However, the broadcaster’s decision drew mixed reactions from South Africans, with many calling out MultiChoice for censorship and double standards.


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