State lawyers Soliciting Bribes From Convicts In Exchange For Services

Nyeri – Convicts of capital offences have accused state provided lawyers of soliciting bribes from them in exchange for bond applications.

During a Legal Aid session at King’ong’o Prison in Nyeri, the inmates also raised concerns over delays in appeals and dragging murder cases.

The session was organised by the Court Users Committee with the aim of listening to the grievances of inmates and offering legal guidance.

Remanded inmates accused both the Judiciary and police of corruption claiming that most of them had been arrested wrongfully and fake evidence ‘planted’ on them because they could not bribe the officers.

Wachuri Wariungi, an inmate in remand, said many of them are innocent but false accusations and evidence were presented in court because they did not give bribes.

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He also said that counsels provided by the state to represent them in court were soliciting for bribes from them with the promise that they will apply for reasonable bonds for them.

“They only solicit bribes in exchange for bonds and those who fail to give the money remain in remand and have their cases delayed,” said Wariungi.

Capital offenders are supposed to be represented for free as the state provided counsels are paid by the government.


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