South Sudan Agrees To Deployment Of Additional UN Peacekeepers

The South Sudanese government has on Sunday agreed to the deployment of additional United Nations peacekeepers to the country.

In a joint statement with the United Nations Security Council read to the press by the South Sudanese Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Martin Elia Lomoro, “the transitional government of national unity agrees to the deployment of the regional force.”

Representatives of the United Nations Security Council who are currently in Juba held talks with South Sudanese president Salva Kiir on Sunday over the deployment of additional peacekeeping troops to the country.

The representatives arrived on Friday to convince the president to agree to the deployment while brandishing the threats of an arms embargo.

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Days of violence in the country between rival forces of President Salva Kiir and former rebel leader and recently relieved vice president Riek Machar forced the UN Security Council to authorize the deployment of a protection force in addition to the troops already on the ground.

The force composed of African troops who will have more mandate than the UN mission in the country was rejected by President Salva Kiir who argued that it violates South Sudan’s national sovereignty.

The main religious authorities in the country have however supported the Security Council.


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