South Africa’s YoungstaCPT Shares His ‘Unbreakable Story’ In Documentary

South Africa’s YoungstaCPT had Mzansi glued to their TV screens on Thursday for the debut of his documentary, YoungstaCPT: An Unbreakable Story.

The documentary made its debut on Channel O on Thursday evening and fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

The rapper took fans on his journey to becoming YoungstaCPT and spoke about the challenges he faced while trying to make it in the music industry.

The documentary featured key role players in YoungstaCPT’s life, including his mother Rafieka Roberts, The Muffin Man, Ganja Beatz, as well as legendary DJ, Ready D and many others.

In the documentary, YoungstaCPT’s mother spoke about the moment she realized her son’s passion for music.

Rafieka said that when she heard her son singing along to a song by The Beatles, she was shocked by his talent.

“Riyadh just started listening to Fresh Prince and he started rapping the song and it was like ‘oh, he can rap’ but we never thought anything of it. We never thought of it like ‘oh he is going to be a superstar’,” the proud mother said.

His brother, Maruwaan opened up about realizing his brother’s talents when YoungstaCPT would come up with his own verses in certain tracks.

“He would be rapping his own things and I will be like ‘no man, this isn’t the words. I didn’t hear that’,” he laughed.

Maruwaan said that this was when he encouraged YoungstaCPT to start writing down the lyrics just to “keep them in a safe place” for future use.

In the documentary, the rapper talks about how he met Muffin Man, saying that he needed to show Muffin Man how badly he wanted to be a rapper and make music. In the end, his bid to make the DJ see his potential was successful and they have been working together ever since.

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In 2015, YoungstaCPT made the decision to move to Johannesburg to further his career.

The rapper said that he felt as if he wasn’t making “enough strides in Cape Town”.

“I needed more. I needed to be seen more. I was already told ‘you can’t come to Joburg just for a weekend’. So I was like, ‘the first place it’s going to take me, I’m going to go’.”

His mother also opened up about his decision to move to Johannesburg, saying that it was a tough decision to let him go but she knew he had a dream and she wanted him to chase it.

But while she let him go, she said she flew out to Joburg to check out the place he was staying at.

Eldorado Park and Hillbrow have made a huge impact on the rapper’s life, so much so that he decided to shoot the video for his hit single, Old Kaapie in those areas.

“I have a connection with both these places,” he said. “I feel like I need to go there because I feel like I’m leaving these people, not in the lurch but they don’t have any solid representation.”

The rapper said that he had to adapt to a lot of things. He also experienced many challenges in his career but this did not stop him from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and continue chasing his dream.

“If you’re going to talk about an Unbreakable story, I can attest to that, sir”.

Watch a snippet of the documentary below:



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