South Africa’s Lasizwe Addresses 2018 Lie About Buying An Apartment

In the latest episode of Drink Or Tell The Truth, Lasizwe Dambuza set the record straight on lying about buying an apartment in 2018.

The social media influencer was questioned about the viral incident by TV personality Nandi Madida on the YouTube show, which already amassed close to 200 000 views on Tuesday.

The popular show sees Lasizwe and a celebrity guest answer embarrassing and often spicy personal questions. And if they decline to answer, they must take a sip of a foul-tasting concoction!

“In 2018, if your sister didn’t call you out for lying about buying a house, would you have come clean?” a giggling Nandi asked Lasizwe.

“To be honest, if Khanyi [Mbau] didn’t call me out… But lesson learnt,” he said, adding: “You know journalists, they [investigate] and it could have spiralled out of control. And I would have looked even way worse.”

According to Lasizwe, when fans assumed he bought an apartment after a misleading Instagram post, he “ran with it” instead of correcting them. After Khanyi exposed his lie, Lasizwe said they “didn’t speak for a good month”.

“Kuddos to Khanyi, thank you so much for calling me out,” he laughed about the incident.

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