South African TV Presenter, Luyanda Potwana Speaks On His Weight Struggles

When Nyan’ Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana dropped four pants sizes two years back everyone was pleasantly surprised and inspired by his achievement.

He revealed how he did it in just three months in a side by side picture he posted on Twitter.

“The Luyanda you knew 15 weeks ago •VS• the Luyanda you don’t know 15 weeks later,” he tweeted.

He explained that it was not some pill or surgery that shed the kilos.

“3 months of DECISION > DEDICATION > HARD WORK > PERSEVERANCE = 13 kgs lost!” he wrote proudly.

Luyanda recently revealed to Move! that he’s been struggling to keep the kilos off. Now that the star has gained some back, he explained that his weight gain is due to his hectic work schedule.

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The East London-born presenter says because the show Nyan’ Nyan has to go to all corners of the country, time and diet made it hard for him to meal prep so he had to live on takeaways.

Luyanda added that the travelling doesn’t really allow time to exercise as they shoot in one province and when they get to a place, they have to get to work as soon as possible.

“It’s not easy when you travel all the time. I am always on the road and I am not able to eat healthy,” he explained.



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