South African Singer, Chris Chameleon Says He Just ‘Has Love’ For His Dad, In The Midst Of Paternity Claims

Following a series of viral posts, local Afrikaans singer, and former Boo! frontman Chris Chameleon continues to suggest that popular singer, Bles Bridges is his biological father.


The artists, whose real name is Chris Mulder, took to Facebook to pen an open letter about a “dark secret,” on Sunday.

In the mysterious post the 47-year-old hints that Bles is his biological father.

On 24 March 2000, Bles died in a car crash on his way home from a performance.


In a text message to Netwerk24, the widow of Bles, Leonie, writes: “Even if it were true…then what? How will we ever know?” She also questions the motive behind Chris’ post.

Bles’ daughter, Sunette, who currently resides in the USA, has also responded to Chris’ claims on Facebook, writing: “If Bles Bridges is your dad, congratulations. He is dead. His grave is in Vanderbijlpark. I suggest you take roses. Red ones…and go find your peace there…if there is something like that to be found on this earth.”

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According to an article which appeared on Netwerk24 on Monday, Chris said he would only publicly talk about the matter “when the time is right.”

It’s reported that at a concert in Stellenbosch on Monday, Chris spoke about his childhood and being raised by a single parent; he also sang several verses from the popular Bles Bridges song, Reik na die Sterre.


Despite saying he would no longer talk about the matter, Chris wrote yet another cryptic Facebook post on his band’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

“After living a full life of ups, and downs; things he can be proud of, and things he might be embarrassed about, my father died in a car crash on our country’s roads,” he writes.

“I wish I could have met him. Some people have said really bad things about it, but I only have love for him,” he adds.


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