South African Singer, Chris Chameleon Hints In Facebook That Bles Bridges Might Have Been His Father

Boo! frontman and Afrikaans vocalist Chris Chameleon has created some excitement among fans when he implied that his natural dad may be the famous 1980s parlor artist Bles Bridges, who passed on in a pileup in 2000.

Chris, genuine name Chris Mulder, took to Facebook on Sunday to pen an enthusiastic letter about parenthood and growing up without a father.

While he never alludes to Bridges by name he closes the post with a collection front of Bridges and communicates his abhorrence for big names who impregnate ladies and after that don’t assume liability.

Chris, 47, grew up with his single parent and sister in Linden, Johannesburg.

Our correspondents reached out to Chris’ team for clarity on his post and will update this article should they respond.

Bles Bridges’ daughter, Sunette Bridges, is currently living in the United States. She has not publicly responded to Chris’ post.

Bles’ son, Victor, told Maroela Media that he had no knowledge of Chris being his father’s son. He encouraged Chris to do a blood test to prove it. According to Victor numerous people have in the past claimed that Bles was their father but none of them were ever willing to do a blood test.


“While most people will not believe this of their icons or heroes, in truth there hides a darkness behind the glimmer, friendliness, talent, charisma and jovial exuberance of every artist that I have met. Go see for yourself, you will find promiscuity and/or cruelty and/or irresponsibility and/or ruthlessness in each of these celebrities.

“I have had my own dark secret for years.

“I am married now. I hope to become a dad. I have reached the point where I want to close the book on my past and open a clean page for my future.

“Of all the vices of celebrities and artists, the one that upsets me the most is when men conceive children and then don’t take responsibility. The time is now, the truth must be brought to light.

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“I have kept quiet for too long.

“As the only son of a single mother I had to endure the label of being “fatherless”. It is bad enough being [on holiday] at Warmbaths or Rustenburg Kloof and look on as other boys’ dads throw them into the air in the swimming pools and to wonder what you did wrong not to have your dad do the same. It’s bad enough to always get the worst mark for woodwork and to witness other, more able boys but with the distinct signs of their dads’ assistance place their magnificent projects next to your derelict windmill to be scrutinised by a woodwork teacher who does not understand how much work my mother, sister and I put into that bungled failure.

“But worst of all is when you get teased about looking like somebody famous, while you carry the embarrassing truth in your heart all by yourself.

“And now, did you or your parents perhaps enjoy this album in the 80s?”

Chameleon then posts an album sleeve of Bridges’ hit record, Vir Een en Almal (For One and All), which contains some of the late singer’s biggest hits.

He signs off the post as “- wolf” (sic).

His post had by Sunday afternoon been shared almost 350 times and elicited 274 comments.

Bridges was a questionable figure in the late twentieth century, who had a much publicized illicit relationship with Marietjie van Heerden. Newspaper magazine Huisgenoot distributed a photograph highlight of the couple on vacation in Mauritius while he was as yet hitched to his significant other, Leonie.

On 24 March 2000, Bridges passed on in a car crash on his route home from an execution. Leonie continued genuine wounds however endure.

Extensions’ little girl, Sunette, was associated with master Afrikaner exercises previously moving to the United States.



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