South African Singer, Amor Vittone To Appeal Her Husband Court Ruling ‘Until Death’

South African Singer has released an official statement following a court’s decision that she will only have a TV set out of her husband’s properties Joost van der Westhuizen.

Judge Hans Fabricius on Monday ruled in the High Court in Pretoria that van der Westhuizen’s 2015 will would be declared his true testament. (Read the full story here)

Former Springbok scrumhalf Joost van der Westhuizen died in 2017 after losing his battle with motor neuron disease.

The statement was released by a third party on Vittone’s Instagram page, accompanied by the quote: “F-E-A-R has two meanings: Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. The choice is yours.”

According to the statement, even though Vittone lost the court case, her children remain her rock and for them, she will “appeal until death.”

Responding to negative remarks made by the public following the court ruling the statement reads; “The High Court ruled today that Amor Vittone lost her case. And to fan the flames, there were many people who blamed her for not even bothering to be present in the courtroom during the verdict.”

“Although this matter is important to Amor, it was more important for her to be with her children today. Kylie and Jordan are writing exams. And she has given her children all the attention, because not only do they come first in her life, that’s also the reason why she fights her fingers to the bone in court.”

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The statement further states that even though Vittone’s children excel in sport, “their dad leaves them with nothing” and continues; “Why should her children go through this trauma.”

According to the statement the Van der Westhuizen family have no contact with the children and have expressed no interest in their sport or their lives.

Pieter van der Westhuizen, elder brother of Van der Westhuizen, said the family is satisfied that justice has been served.

“I’m happy. Very happy. Now I can finally say I’d honoured my promise to my brother,” a visibly relieved Pieter, 49, told YOU on Monday after the court verdict.

“I maintain we’re not the ones who’ve ‘won’. It was never our fight. We were there to fulfil Joost’s last wishes and those were that the money should go to his children and only his children.”




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