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South African Singer, Amanda Black Speaks On How Positive Thinking Has Helped Her

Singer Amanda Black recalls a time when she was sad because she didn’t make it to the line-up of the Essence Festival when it was held in South Africa two years ago.

The songstress who is well-known for her hit song Amazulu, admits that she was desperate to be part of the line-up but it didn’t happen. “I really wanted to be on the line-up and there was a lot of stuff that happened so I ended up not doing the gig,” she discloses.

She was disappointed when her wish was not granted. “I remember how sad I was. I was hurt. I was in such pain,” she said. However, this didn’t diminish her dreams of one day being part of the festival in one way or another by declaring it to the universe.

“In my disappointment I remember saying, you know what I’m going to be on the main festival line-up. I then completely forgot I said that. I forgot that I declared that I will be on the main stage and it happened,” she excitedly shared.

Amanda is a confirmed act at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, USA. She will be sharing the stage with icons such as Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige, Teyana Taylor and Nas to mention a few.

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“My point is: speak your life into existence. Everything that has happened to me, I had at one time said it was going to happen. I’ve said it to the world and to God and to my ancestors that this will happen. Not knowing how it was gonna happen. Not knowing when it was going to happen,” she says sternly.

The singer contributes this good turn of events to a positive attitude and mindset.

“Anyway, I will be at the Essence Festival. I spoke it into existence. I worked towards it without even really thinking about it. God opened doors for me to get there. Clearly positive thinking is a thing. You speak your life into negativity. If you’re always negative, you stay in that darkness,” she said.



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