South African Ringmaster Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi is Reshaping the Global Circus with his Magical Antics

Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi/Photo credit: Jacksonville

His circus ringmaster magic is to keep his audience in fits of laughter. Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi has been a pleasure on the globe circus stage since experimenting on the streets of Johannesburg at the age of four with his own tricks of back handsprings and contortion. He is one of the UniverSoul Circus caravan’s main performers. As he gets on stage, his goal is to leave an indelible impression with his dancing, magic tricks, a bubble of enthusiasm, and lack of predictability.

Lucky was groomed at the age of ten by his uncle, a seasoned acrobat, who eventually persuaded him to join UniverSoul Circus. He began as an acrobat and contortionist and then added hip-hop dancing to his repertoire. He has been a trampoline, teeterboard, trapeze, and Cossack rider since modifying his performance. Lucky the ringmaster appears in every UniverSoul production.

His responsibility as a ringmaster is to make his audience laugh. This is a position he eagerly pursues, keeping an eye on every audience member who pays to see their performances. He is unsatisfied after singing, dancing, clapping, smiling, and laughing without eliciting participation from the majority of the audience.

UniverSoul was founded in 1994. According to Jacksonville, one of its primary foundations is to provide an inclusive platform with talents from all over the world, such as clowns, bikers, a troupe of contortionists from Guinea known as the Bone Breakers, and trapeze performers. It takes pleasure in having people from all cultures bring their tastes to the stage. Performers like Lucky were hired in light of that idea.

Lucky sees no reason to disappoint when it comes to presenting his culture; his customary ringmaster gear is a hat and red topcoat with tails, which has become his distinctive feature everytime he appears on stage. He argues that his theatrical outfits provide the audience with a completely distinct cultural experience. Lucky is quite particular about his attire and never wears the same costume twice on stage. His rule is that each year must have a different outfit.

He prioritizes his stage costumes the same way he prioritizes getting even the most reserved crowd to laugh, owing to the fact that audience participation is at the heart of UniverSoul Circus production. Since joining the circus, Lucky has viewed each performance as an opportunity to prove himself to his audience.


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