South African Realist Star Bonang Matheba, Buys Pinky Girl A New Whip

Pinky Girl just got a free brand-new BMW from her blesser, Bonang Matheba, and the people of Mzansi can’t even.

If it wasn’t for Queen B, Pinky Girl would still be tapping away at those keys up in the IT department.

Bonang is the one who put Pinky Girl in the public eye. Pinky Girl is one of Queen B’s besties/cousin and it is thanks to her major role in B’s reality TV show, Being Bonang, that she is ‘famous’.

The people just don’t think she’s cut out for the celeb life. Pinky Girl has tried her hand at acting, modelling and even DJing and it seems that none of them have really worked out. The only thing that has is her role on Being Bonang, and that’s only because it’s all about Bonang.

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On the latest episode of Being Bonang, B was seen shopping around for a new whip for Pinky Girl. B wants her cousin to have a nice, reliable and slightly boujee ride.

She ended up going with a stunning top-of-the-range convertible BMW! Fans couldn’t believe their eyes. Pinky Girl really landed in the butter by being B’s cousin. The girl doesn’t even have to do anything and bam she gets a brand-new BMW for mahala!


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