South African Rapper, AKA Takes Shots At Local Artists Over ‘Watered Down’ Music Videos!!

AKA believes that his “authentic” approach to music makes him a “f**king great artist,” which is a quality he claims other artists lack.

The outspoken rapper has shared the inspiration behind the music video for  Caiphus Song.

AKA told The Plug that as an artist, he prides himself on giving his fans “real experiences” and making them believe in their “own” sound.

“I don’t make generic music and I pride myself on that. Therefore, I couldn’t make a generic video,” he said.

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The highly-anticipated music video, which dropped last month tells a love story acted out by Warren Masemola and Jessica Nkosi.

AKA said that he hopes people understand his approach to the song and music video, which is all about telling true experiences.

“My music is all about positivity. I don’t know how people sleep at night when their music and music videos are simply watered down versions of the artists that we dig in the states,” he said.


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