South African Minister Of Transport Uses Beyoncé Lyrics To Threaten Illegal Taxi Drivers

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula is on a mission to clean up South Africa’s public transport system, but we never thought we’d hear his use Beyoncé lyrics to drive his mission home
After declaring his intention to improve South African roads, Fikile Mbalula took aim at taxi drivers this week.

With a number of unlicensed drivers operating illegally on South African roads, Fikile has made it his mission to shake up the taxi industry by putting the safety of passengers and road users first.

We first caught a glimpse of the minister’s new focus on taxi safety this week when he shared a photograph of himself physically searching a taxi in a bid to ascertain if the driver had the right to be operating on the roads or not:

Minister ‘Fearfokkol’ has recruited a squad of metro police officers, and is leading the way in sending chills down the spines of unsafe taxi drivers by using… Beyoncé lyrics (what?!)
Yes, you read that correctly. Beyoncé’s fierce call to action in her hit song Formation inspired Fikile to strike fear into the hearts of illegal taxi drivers when he took to Twitter to declare a clampdown on any driver who was operating in the country without the necessary documents.

We struggled to keep a straight face as we imagined Fikile calling his troops to order with Beyoncé’s Coachella band trumpeting in the background.

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Take a look at the tweet below:

Fikile is a proud member of the Beyhive and he has never hidden his admiration for the singer although it has brought him more trouble than he could have imagined
Back in 2014, Ntsiki Mazwai called the minister out for his “obsession” with the American singer when she wrote:

“Mr minister… sir… as a local artist, your obsession with Beyonce is killing me. I saw your tweet to Beyonce Mr Minister and I saw red. Before you are Beyonce’s groupie, you are an ambassador of South Africa. You are a leader. You are a person of influence. Please could you exercise this with some responsibility?”

This came two years after Fikile had raised the nation’s hopes back in 2012 by promising to secure Beyoncé for a show in South Africa. The concert never materialised, but his association with the Single Ladies’ hitmaker has become a running joke since then.



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