A scene in the horror film, 8. (Screengrab: YouTube)

South African Horror Movie ‘8’ Coming To Netflix

The South African horror movie 8 will be available on Netflix in June.

The supernatural film directed by Harold Holscher premiered at the third annual Joburg Film Festival last year.

It stars Tshamano Sebe, Inge Beckmann, Garth Breytenbach and Chris April.

Grounded in folklore and mythology it centres on an old man, fated to collect souls for eternity, who then seeks atonement after trading his daughter’s soul.

The story follows William Ziel who, in an attempt to start a new life, returns to the farm he inherited from his estranged father.

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A farmhand, Lazarus who took care of his father, reappears when William, Sarah and their adopted daughter Mary arrive at the farm. A bond between Lazarus and Mary soon develops, but the old man carries a dark secret.

Lazarus is haunted by a demon child – the reincarnation of his own daughter – who has an appetite for human souls.

Will the family survive the disturbing series of events that will follow?

Watch the trailer:


The film will be available on the streaming service Friday, 19 June.



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