South African DJ Black Coffee Recounts ‘Surreal’ Moment As He Claims American Singer, Drake Called Him A Legend

That feeling you gt when you finally meet that celebrity crush or idol is what can be described of popular South African Dj “Black Coffee” as he almost lost his cool when he met his idol American rapper Drake.

The DJ posted a video on social media in which he spoke about meeting Drake for the first time, also adding that meeting Stevie Wonder would leave him in tears.

“When I met Drake I thought I would lose my mind. When I met Drake, he came over, he took my hand and held it down and he said ‘legend’. That’s how it happened.”

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He further said: “I think I’ve met everyone I’ve always wanted to meet, except for Stevie Wonder. I think I will cry if I meet Stevie Wonder, but not in front of him.”

Black Coffee’s Superman (feat. Bucie) was featured in Drake’s album More Life in 2017though he changed its title to Get It Together.


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