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South African Comedian,Trevor Noah Shares His Relatable Childhood Dream (VIDEO)

Most people can relate to how in their younger age they dreamed of using all of their first salary on their favorite food or shoes. You Can relate right..? Okay South African comedian,Trevor Noah is also in this boat as he shares his funny childhood dream!

In another episode of Trevor Noah being so relatable, he shared the story of how he grew up with very little meaning eating out would be once a month. Trevor hilariously shared how he’d have to make the difficult decision of choosing between getting a burger or pizza.

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“All I knew is that I wanted to be able to afford to buy as much food as I wanted to buy at any time. When you don’t have money in a family, the food decision is the biggest decision you can make,” Trevor shared. Trevor added how he would tell his mom that one day he’d be rich enough to buy any food he wants and lots of desserts.

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“Whenever my mom sees me now, she points to my stomach and she’s like, ‘It looks like you bought the dessert’,” Trevor shared. Watch the hilarious clip below.



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