South African Comedian, Trevor Noah Wins His First Emmy Award


South African Comedian, Trevor Noah Lost His Voice But Still Hosted The Daily Show

The South African comedian, who jetted back to New York City to once again take his seat behind The Daily Show desk, sadly couldn’t say a word on Tuesday night’s episode of the show because he had lost his voice.

But instead of airing a rerun, Trevor called in the help of the show’s various correspondents to do the talking for him.


The episode is set to air in South Africa on Wednesday night.

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He explained on Twitter, saying: “As you’ll know when you watch The Daily Show tonight, I don’t have a voice right now. I thought that my vocal cords were healed but according to the doctor, flying 36 hours and hosting a giant concert in South Africa didn’t help me.”

The comedian has also had to cancel some of his upcoming stand-up gigs.


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