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South African Comedian, Siv Ngesi’s Photos Of Abandoned ‘Princess’ That Touches Souls

TV presenter and comedian Siv Ngesi has a thing for bringing tears of laughter to his over 56 000 Instagram followers with his hilarious posts and funny phrases.

But the 33-year-old Capetonian recently posted pictures of an abandoned baby that are enough to make you weep from sadness. She was covered in bite marks and showed signs of severe neglect.

“I met this little princess this weekend, she was left in the bushes by her ‘mother’ and she was eaten by insects/animals! But she smiles and laughs nonstop, she stole my heart!” Siv captioned the photos.

Siv Ngesi. (PHOTO: Supplied)

The little girl is one of 11 children being cared for by Amy Vos (34) and her husband, Bronson (36), at their care facility, Nehemiah Safe House, in Cape Town.

“A passerby found her and immediately notified social services. They later got more information about her – such as that she’s a few month olds,” Amy told YOU.

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“She’s growing stronger by the day and is starting to make healthy baby noises. She was seriously neglected, but with the love she’s getting from us now, she’s making good progress.”

Siv Ngesi. (PHOTO: Supplied)

The children in their care come from families where they were abused or neglected. The department of social development investigates such cases and, if appropriate, places the children in foster care.

Amy and Bronson started fostering vulnerable kids five years ago, and two years later registered their setup as a nonprofit organisation. They plan to start a second safe house in future.

Siv Ngesi. (PHOTO: Supplied)

Although Siv took the kids from Nehemiah on an outing over the Easter weekend, he made it clear Amy is the “hero” of the story, not him.

“If you’ve achieved success in life but don’t give back, you’ve failed. Nobody becomes poorer from giving,” he says.


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