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South African Celebrity,Bonang Throws A Savage Shade At Pearl Thusi

Did Bonang Just Throw The Most Subtle, Savage Shade At Pearl Thusi? It’s not a secret Bonang Matheba and Pearl Thusi don’t like each other and it goes back to that one day in London when Bonang allegedly took a photo of the wall after Pearl asked her to take a photo of herself with Pharell.

Add the fact that Pearl is BFFs with DJ Zinhle and that whole Bonang, AKA and Zinhle love triangle and you’ll see why these two don’t see each other eye to eye. Twitter recently bashed Pearl Thusi for her interviewing skills on ‘Behind The Story’, especially how she handled the AKA interview. Critics felt she enjoyed dragging Bonang’s name and was being a major hater.

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Pearl later took to twitter saying she appreciated all feedback. In a separate tweet, Pearl also made it known that haters were part of the game. Well, queen B couldn’t agree with Pearl more, even quoting Pearl’s tweet. “Always remember kids,” Bonang quoted Pearl tweet which read, “haters are part of the game. That’s a rule you can’t change.”

Whilst that might seem like a normal agreeing tweet, the irony of it all is classic Bonang. Basically, Bonang was calling out Pearl for hating on her and then going on to preach about haters. There are levels to this shade thing.


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