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South African Celeb Pearl Thusi Sparks Off Debate On Colourism In SA

South African TV personality and actress Pearl Thusi has once again come out to defend herself from critics who believe she only gets recognition because of her skin colour.

The star created a lengthy thread on social media after someone mentioned her in a tweet about
Sho Madjozi winning a BET Award.
The criticism was that Sho Madjozi had won the award because of her light skin and made reference to Thusi as an example of another celebrity who was successful because of her skin colour.

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“If she (Madjozi) were dark, no one would entertain her talent, which is not really there to begin with if you think about it. Just like my homegirl Pearl Thusi = no talent,” said the tweet.

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Thusi wasn’t impressed and responded: “And 15 years of hard work I’ve put in means jack sh*t here. It’s incredible how your entire being can all come down to your skin colour. I dare them to say this about the likes of
Beyonce, Diana Ross, Angela Davis. As if there wasn’t an Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone or Miriam Makeba”
She added that anyone who had a problem with her skin colour could “go and suck it”.

“Everyone who thinks the only merit I have in my career is skin colour can all go suck it. Keep using my skin colour as a comfort for your own failures. Niyanya. Tsek.

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“When people want what you have, and have no idea how you got it, they’ll find a ridiculous reason to justify their lack through something that is beyond their and your control. When you have what people want, they’ll find any reason to comfort themselves by disregarding your merit to success.”



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