South African Artist, Zahara Was Stabbed By A Beggar In Strubens Valley

Police said a case of assault with the aim of causing grievous bodily damage has been opened.

Honeydew police in Johannesburg have affirmed that a case of assault with plan to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) has been opened against a suspect who allegedly stabbed the artist, Zahara.

The Loliwe hit maker’s was apparently stabbed in the arm by a beggar while she was reaching to give a ‘bystander’ some money from her car.

Police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told Roodepoort Northsider that a case was being investigated.

The incident is said to have taken place outside the premises of a shopping centre in Strubens Valley last Tuesday.

The incident caused Zahara to postpone her overseas music concert. In a social media post where she shared photos of being stabbed, she lamented how people had lost the spirit of Ubuntu.

Her Facebook page read: “I always believe that when you have a loaf of bread, one could always be able to share just a little with someone else. If you have R1 000 surely even a R5 would be worth something to someone. I was due to be in the UK by Wednesday for the Mandela concert however couldn’t make It because Tuesday night just as I drove by Spar in my area I reached out to give ‘Job Seekers’ some money instead they reached out grabbed my arm and stabbed me, tried to open my door, with the intent to cause more boldly harm. It’s very sad that one’s humility and humanitarian beliefs are welcomed in this way. BU PHELELEPHI UBUNTU (Humanity has vanished).”
Zahara had to postpone her Mandela Tour to October.

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SRT Security, the security company operating at the shopping centre, has advised patrons and motorists to stop giving out freebies to the beggars on the streets, as some of them have different intentions. “People must stop giving money, food and clothes to the beggars because they will keep coming back for more,” warned Maggie Bezuidenhout, the operations manager of the security company.

Maggie further warned motorists to stop entertaining beggars by rolling down their car window for them, as it is believed that these beggars works as spies for criminals in the community.


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