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South African Artist Johnny Clegg And Friends Give Back To Society For Literacy

South African popular vocalist Johnny Clegg, for the last 50 years, has given his endowment of music to South Africa and the world. He exemplifies the battling spirit and vision required to rise above into a better future for all. This has motivated his colleague artists and supporters to put resources into our nation’s future through the Friends of Johnny Clegg fund.

Prompted into action by the shocking fact that 78% of grade 4 learners can’t read for meaning in any language, Friends of Johnny Clegg has raised in excess of R850,000 to support and adopt the future of over 4,200 primary school kids on The Click Foundation’s digital English literacy programme, and they aim to change the future for many more kids.

50 top artists voluntarily collaborated, at their own cost, in the epic video and digital version of Johnny Clegg’s iconic song, ‘The Crossing’ and launched the Friends of Johnny Clegg fund as a tribute to the music legend in December 2018.  At the launch, Johnny said, “I got a very strong sense of being affirmed and validated but also that the song was given a new life and a new purpose.”

The artists include Lira, Somizi, Craig Lucas and Fracois Van Coke.


That purpose is to move the needle on the literacy crisis through The Click Foundation which equips young learners with the English literacy and technological skills required for future success in our fast-changing world. To date, the Click Foundation reaches over 70,000 children and with the help of the Friends of Johnny Clegg aims to reach 1 million children by 2024.

It is time for the rest of South Africa to stand up and adopt a future by donating to the fund, buying the track and/or watching it on YouTube which is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of anyone who loves Johnny Clegg and South Africa.

Karen Zoid commented: “‘The Crossing’ is a song about courage and acceptance and being able to navigate difficult times because of the love inside that drives you to keep bearing forward. We, as friends and fans of Johnny, sing his words back at him, as to pay respect to him for his humanity and bravery. May this be the guiding light to thousands of children who will benefit from the incredible work done by The Click Foundation, through the Friends of Johnny Clegg fund.”

Echoing the words of The Crossing, “the tide is turning”.




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