South African Actress Uzalo Noxy, Being Raised By A Single Dad

We’ve heard many stories of children being raised by single mothers but the story of Uzalo actress Nokuthula ‘Noxy’ Mabika is different. She entertains millions of viewers on SABC1’s drama series as loud Thobile. She shares exclusively with Move! how she was raised by a single father and only met her mother when she was in high school.


The 29-year-old says her mom left her and her younger brother in the care of their father and only came to visit them once, when she was in Grade 2.“My father did a great job raising us and later on, my father’s other children moved in with us and he took care of the eight of us with ease,” she says. “For a long time I was the only girl at home and sometimes felt my father did not understand me. Even though my father was an amazing parent, sometimes I felt if my mother was around things would be different. I’d always fantasise of the day I’d leave my dad and my brother to go live with my mother in a beautiful big house.” Noxy and her brother only reunited with their mother in 2005 after her father bumped into her mother’s brother, who pointed them in the right direction.

Noxy describes the drive with her dad and brother to see her mother as the longest drive of her life. “When we met her she didn’t match the fantasies I had of her. She lived in a rented room and had no car. The first thing I asked her was, ‘Where were you ma?’” she says. “She knew exactly where we were and because of the time that had lapsed without any communication, she was scared to come see us and worried we’d ask why she didn’t come earlier.” Noxy and her brother now have a relationship with their mother and visit her from time to time. Noxy says meeting her mother for the first time closed the void she had. “At that moment, it didn’t matter if my mother had a big house or not, if she loved me or not. I was just happy to have met her,” she says.

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Even though Noxy grew up in a home where her father played the role of both mom and dad well, she doesn’t want her children to grow up without the other parent. “I want to build a good family structure for my children, and plan on having kids only after marriage. Many have asked me when I’m going to have a child since the age of 30 is nearing. I do not feel the pressure to have kids,” she says.


When Noxy got the role of Thobile on Uzalo, she was anticipating it. “I was going through a phase where I felt I needed a big TV break as an original cast on a drama series to take my career where I want it to be,” she says. “When I went for auditions, standing in a queue the whole day, I knew this one was mine. I only got my shot at 7pm. I was exhausted and ready to quit but I kept reminding myself of how badly I wanted this.”


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