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South African Actress, Khanyi Mbau Speaks on Her Fake Engagement, Break-up and Mental Health

She’s known for her bold fashion choices, her sassy social-media posts and being unapologetic about changing her looks.

When Khanyi Mbau goes through a break-up, the whole country gets involved. When she and her bae find their way back to each other, her fans rejoice.

But even she was shocked when social media had her engaged and the ring all sorted, all without her knowledge. It’s all in the name of art and she takes social media with a pinch of salt all the time, she says.

“It was strange but I love my black Twitter, they are ungovernable but, hey, it’s art,” Khanyi says.

It was especially strange considering that just a few days before she’d announced her break-up from longtime boyfriend Tebogo Lerole.

“Guys, we have been here before, certainly words I have uttered before. Our second attempt grew us even further apart. A decade of dating someone comes with great joy and immense difficulty that fighting to stay together is sometimes not enough. Some paths are meant to cross and certain season to pass. Tebogo Edward billion has chosen to take a different path and have chosen to respect and let him soar into greatness. We are no longer an item [sic],” she posted on Instagram.


She is still riding out the emotions of it all, she tells us. “It’s painful period,” she says. The pair have been through a lot but the relationship taught her the key definitions of what love is.

Speaking to us last year, the mom of one explained, “Love is accepting the next person with all their flaws. It’s not when you’re happy with them all the time, but when you hate them and have to accept that they’re human.”

She’s now on a quest of discovery, the 34-year-old says. She’s lives most of her life in the spotlight and has been going around the country recently, posting her adventurous trips on Instagram. It’s not all fun and games, she says.

“I have been doing research, but in remote areas, I am on a quest to understand mental health and the behavioural factors of humans,” Khanyi says.

She’s knows everything about starting over, which is why she’s fascinated by people’s stories. If she wasn’t the Khanyi she is today, she would have been a psychologist, she says.

“I enjoy studying people. I think there’s so much in the mind, and to people’s behaviour and patterns, that hasn’t been tapped into. We’re psychologists in our own way, it’s just that we physically use our bodies instead of using words and certain studies to help people. We give people hope and it gives them an escape of some sort.”

While a lot of her peers in the entertainment industry have been reeling from the effects the coronavirus pandemic, Khanyi says her path is undeterred.

“I am on the be still and know,” she adds.



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